Daikichi Mochi – a delicacy passed on through generations by retaining the method of Asa-Zuki*

Daikichi Mochi has maintained its place of business in the old Hokkoku-Kaido, the current central Fukui city.
The secret of its delicious taste is driven by two core values; applying the traditional method of Asa-Zuki, and to bring out the full flavor of its ingredients by refraining from using additives.

* Asa-Zuki: Traditional method of using the mochi pounded in the morning of the day the Daikichi Mochi is produced.

  • The Morning Routine

    Daikichi Mochi is made only from the mochi pounded in the morning for an amount to be sold for that day.
    The unchanged tradition lives on…

  • Bringing out the full flavor of its ingredients

    Two types of Mochi-Gome**, “Kagura-Mochi” and “Tanchyou-Mochi” are used for Daikichi Mochi. The ratio of the two are determined based on the ideal texture, viscosity and tenderness for each product. The Mochi refrains from using any additives, and achieves its ideal form by precisely adjusting the water and pounding amount.

    ** Mochi-Gome: Polished glutinous rice used to make mochi.

  • Artisanship of Mochi Pounding

    The pounding machine used to pound the Abekawa-Mochi and the Daifuku-Mochi use the technique of raising the pestle with a gear and dropping it on the rice using its own weight. During this process, the artisan determines the ideal form by turning and wetting the mochi using its own two hands. The fineness and tenderness of our mochi is made possible by applying such manufacturing process, which resembles the traditional method of using the pestle and the mortar. Unlike the fully automated process, the skill of the artisan makes our mochi possible.

  • Traditional Values

    As the world becomes more automated, we believe in the importance of maintaining traditional values of “handmade”. We will continue to provide quality Mochi by reflecting on our products and passing on our core values of manufacturing from generation to generation.


  • 6 minute walk from Fukui-Guchi Station, Echizen Line
  • 6 slots of parking available
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Store Information

  • Store Name Daikichi Mochi
    Founded Edo-Era (before 1820)
    Place of Business 2-2-2 Matsumoto, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, 910-0003, Japan
    Representative Shinichiro Mori (9th generation)
    No. of Employees 4
    Line of Business Manufacture and sales of Mochi products
    Phone +81-(0)776-22-3221
    Fax +81-(0)776-22-6337
    Mail info@daikichimochi.com
    Hours of Operation 07:30-18:30 (Sundays until 17:30)
    Regular Holidays Thursdays and 3rd Wednesdays of the Month
    (we will be open if our Regular Holidays fall on a National Holiday)